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Taking wedding photo while traveling to save spending

The trend of tourism combined with wedding photography has been a creative trend in recent years. Not only to escape the traditional wedding photography style at the set or outside shooting locations around the city,… but also to be a new experience.

The dreamy wedding photo of Cuong & Quy couple

1. It’s time to seize happiest moment

Wedding photography usually takes place 1 to 2 months before the wedding, or it is almost time for the wedding to start taking photos. Also by hurried wedding photography, selecting time and moving is quickly; In addition, the process of taking photos will make many couples get tired, stressed before the wedding.

Haksun & Misun couple are romantic in their photo album

Therefore, combining travel and take wedding photography will help couples save time with photography in rush. You can start taking photos at any time and just have sparkling wedding photos to celebrate sweet love.

The charming Da Lat in wedding photography 

In this summer, if you plan to travel, don’t hesitate to make an wedding album with your trip!

2. The beautiful and unique frames

The main difference in wedding photo albums combined with travel is the romantic, beautiful scenery that is different from the outdoor photography venues in city. A wedding album ‘Checkin from afar’ will be great memory for couple.

What a peaceful and lovely Hoi An 

Visiting new lands, experiencing great things, watching the scenery and taking sweet photos will be the most unforgettable and happy memories.

3. Cheerful mood

When traveling to a new land, you will easily forget the obstacles that are making you tired and have great relaxing moments.

When you’re not at all worried about how to get the best wedding photo, whether or not the wedding photo conflict with wedding day, your mood will be softer and more comfortable. When you feel relaxed, you will be natural and take better photos. 

Khung hình của cặp đôi Hàn Quốc chụp tại Leaf Studio khi du lịch Hội An

Therefore, the majority of foreign couples when coming to Vietnam often take romantic, sweet wedding photos for themselves.

4. Cost savings

Travel combined with wedding photography will be very economical, with an attractive photography schedule that Studio advises for you. Couple will not only have beautiful wedding album but also roam, experience beautiful scenes without having to worry about preparation.

Hoi An wedding photography location is loved by tourists

The romantic Western in Ba Na Hill – Da Nang, peaceful Hoi An ancient town, dreamy Dalat, Nha Trang beach, … or the luxurious Villa, Resorts – tourist destinations combined with wedding  photography are the most popular choice.

Another wedding album of Chinese couple at Leaf Studio

If you are still freaking out about the place and the wedding photography schedule with travel, please leave a message or call 0767.052.915, Leaf Studio team will advise you quickly.

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