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Recommend the beautiful wedding – couple – family studio in Da Nang – Hoi An

To own a natural wedding set, capture the best moments, you need to find a professional and dedicated studio. And Leaf Studio in Hoi An is one of the best suggestions, famous for quality wedding photography service in Da Nang – Hoi An with a professional shooting team and a variety of service packages.

1. Make a good memory in life with Leaf Studio
A beautiful studio in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, Leaf Studio is designed and decorated by talented hands with beautiful, delicate and peaceful scenery. Moreover, Leaf Studio has a modern blend and young style of the beautiful Korea.

The large, white door frames make Leaf Studio more delicate and pristine

Leaf Studio is loved at first sight with neutral colors and lots of beautiful wedding photography angles. In addition, with a spacious sofa, lush garden, romantic curtains,… the beautiful studio in Hoi An can also be a suitable place to create albums of family, friends, etc.

No matter what age you are, you can find dreamy shooting angles at Leaf Studio

2. Wedding photography service
Understanding the busy work before the wedding, Leaf Studio will be a close companion with the bride and groom to create the most beautiful and emotional images

A team of dedicated photographers, follow the couples and capture the most idyllic moments

Leaf Studio owns a team of professional photographers, cameramen, dedicated stylists with the bride and groom capturing the best photos in diverse locations and styles.

3. Couple & friends photography service

In addition to the wedding photography service package in Da Nang – Hoi An, Leaf Studio also creates young, dynamic and lovely photo albums for couples or friends.

The Korean couple had brilliant photo shoots through the lenses of Hoi An Leaf Studio

With the couple photography service package, you can freely choose your favorite place. Some famous and beautiful destinations such as Hoi An ancient town, Da Nang coastal city, the way to the first sight of Ba Na Hills, Suoi Hoa ecotourism area, Asia-amusement park – Asia Park, Cu Lao Cham, …

Beautiful pictures of couples in Hoi An

Whether it’s art style, young or nostalgic, … Leaf Studio is always ready to listen to your wishes and make the most perfect pictures.

4. Family photography service

Not only couples, young people love, Leaf Studio is also chosen by many families to make a full set of photos of the members. The counseling team will help your family choose the most appropriate location and style.

Really cute moments of small family

Whether at the studio, at home or famous destinations, Leaf Studio can make shimmering photos, capturing the true feelings of the members. Families can choose to take photos at the studio in a polite style, at home in the classic style or at travel destinations in young style.

Every moment in life will become more vivid and memorable if recorded by images. Understanding that, Leaf Studio – studio in Hoi An always works with professionalism, dedication to bring the most complete albums. Leaf Studio is ready to serve wedding photography packages, couple, friends, family, … with many attractive incentives.

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HOIAN LEAF STUDIO – Studio in Hoi An, Da Nang

▪ Address: 07 Cao Thang, Hoi An

▪ Phone: 0767.052.915

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Saving the most beautiful family moment with Leaf Studio

When you leave all the chaos of life behind, saving the best moment of family is really happy. Whether it’s a photo with whole members in your family, some art photos, or just some photos that capture the moment, all of them are meaningful memories that will always remain in beloved ones.

A happy family seized the  gorgeous moment together by  Leaf Studio

1. Taking photo for family reunion

The family is always a place for us to go back after trips. But how to have a good time with all of members in family and create a lovely album, which is what people tend to wonder about. Let Hoi An Leaf Studio brings the most meaningful album for your family.

Some suggestions about the best and most convenient location is at home or in the studio. These locations provide a comfortable, convenient and welcoming atmosphere for family members. Here, the whole family can make a series of photos according to the polite concept, it’s simple but still full of happiness.

If you are familiar with taking photos in Hoi An, you can try creating your own photo album at home

Taking family photos at a fixed location like at home or studio will help members take the time to prepare, makeup, change clothes or comfortably show their favorite style. Moreover, in addition to the available decorations of Leaf Studio, your family can freely pose with pets or with any favorite items.

Leaf Studio – a young and professional studio in Hoi An will help your family have the most meaningful time together

2. Taking photos for family travel

Combining lovely album and travel is reasonable idea, which is good idea and saving cost.  The beautiful scenery of the tourist destination will certainly be a new and shimmering background to take family photos.

Dalat is always the favorite place when taking photos of family

Traveling to a new place will inspire your family to take photos that are truly nice  and vibrant. Among poetic destinations like Da Lat, nostalgic like Hoi An, nature like Ly Son, … your family can have fun together to enjoy the beauty of a new destination and take beautiful pictures through specialized lenses of Leaf Studio.

Ly Son Island – Paradise in the middle of the sea

Among the dreamy beauty of Hoi An ancient town, the pristine and magnificent nature of Ly Son Island, who doesn’t want to stand in front of the camera and save the most memorable moments. The most special thing when taking photos of family travel is costumes,etc. Family members can freely choose the outfit that best suits the scene.

A chiffon skirt makes you beautiful and sweet in Hoi An ancient town

Leaf Studio will “tip” your family with perfect costumes, matching the scenery of the tourist destination. Trousers, shirts for men, long chiffon skirts or gentle floral details for girls, lovely outfits for babies, etc. will help the photo to be more complete. Moreover, the members can wear the same clothes to make the photo more special and fancy than ever.
3. Taking photos of parties, family events

More than anyone else, Leaf Studio understands that it is always necessary to save beautiful moments in sacred events in life. With a team of professional, meticulous photographers, together with a professional stylist, will capture every small moment, every true feeling in the party.

The true feelings are recorded through the lens of Leaf Studio

Important parties and events in your life always need a team of photographers, cameramen to record the fun, excitement or the most touching and unforgettable moments.

The Leaf Studio team is always ready to capture the beautiful moments of the family

The style of costumes at the party is always very formal, that will make your family photo perfect and full of emotion. 

Hopefully, with the family service packages at the Studio and outdoor shooting, your family can choose the most favorite location and style to keep valuable memories.

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HOIAN LEAF STUDIO – Studio in Hoi An, Da Nang

▪ Address: 07 Cao Thang, Hoi An

▪ Phone: 0767.052.915

▪ Kakaotalk: dahophoto 

Taking wedding photo while traveling to save spending

The trend of tourism combined with wedding photography has been a creative trend in recent years. Not only to escape the traditional wedding photography style at the set or outside shooting locations around the city,… but also to be a new experience.

The dreamy wedding photo of Cuong & Quy couple

1. It’s time to seize happiest moment

Wedding photography usually takes place 1 to 2 months before the wedding, or it is almost time for the wedding to start taking photos. Also by hurried wedding photography, selecting time and moving is quickly; In addition, the process of taking photos will make many couples get tired, stressed before the wedding.

Haksun & Misun couple are romantic in their photo album

Therefore, combining travel and take wedding photography will help couples save time with photography in rush. You can start taking photos at any time and just have sparkling wedding photos to celebrate sweet love.

The charming Da Lat in wedding photography 

In this summer, if you plan to travel, don’t hesitate to make an wedding album with your trip!

2. The beautiful and unique frames

The main difference in wedding photo albums combined with travel is the romantic, beautiful scenery that is different from the outdoor photography venues in city. A wedding album ‘Checkin from afar’ will be great memory for couple.

What a peaceful and lovely Hoi An 

Visiting new lands, experiencing great things, watching the scenery and taking sweet photos will be the most unforgettable and happy memories.

3. Cheerful mood

When traveling to a new land, you will easily forget the obstacles that are making you tired and have great relaxing moments.

When you’re not at all worried about how to get the best wedding photo, whether or not the wedding photo conflict with wedding day, your mood will be softer and more comfortable. When you feel relaxed, you will be natural and take better photos. 

Khung hình của cặp đôi Hàn Quốc chụp tại Leaf Studio khi du lịch Hội An

Therefore, the majority of foreign couples when coming to Vietnam often take romantic, sweet wedding photos for themselves.

4. Cost savings

Travel combined with wedding photography will be very economical, with an attractive photography schedule that Studio advises for you. Couple will not only have beautiful wedding album but also roam, experience beautiful scenes without having to worry about preparation.

Hoi An wedding photography location is loved by tourists

The romantic Western in Ba Na Hill – Da Nang, peaceful Hoi An ancient town, dreamy Dalat, Nha Trang beach, … or the luxurious Villa, Resorts – tourist destinations combined with wedding  photography are the most popular choice.

Another wedding album of Chinese couple at Leaf Studio

If you are still freaking out about the place and the wedding photography schedule with travel, please leave a message or call 0767.052.915, Leaf Studio team will advise you quickly.

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HOIAN LEAF STUDIO – Studio in Hoi An, Da Nang  

  • Address: 07 Cao Thang Street, Hoi An
  • Hotline: 0767.052.915
  • Kakaotalk: dahophoto

Top 10+ photo wedding destinations in Da Nang – Hoi An 2020

When the happiest wedding is approaching, we hope that the list of beautiful wedding photography locations in Da Nang – Hoi An of Leaf Studio will help you choose a favorite place to take photos for yourself.

Ba Na Hill – The Western miniature of Europe

If you are fascinated with the fairy castles, the romantic street corners of Europe or the vast flower garden, etc, Ba Na Hill will be a great place to save the sweet moments of couples.

Many HOT photo spots at Ba Na Hill: The legendary Golden Bridge, French Village, Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden, Statue Garden, St. Denis Church, An old abandoned house, etc. The natural scenery and beautiful sky will help you to have memorable photos.

The lush green Dong Giang tea hill

Taking an hour’s drive from the center of Danang city, the lush green tea hill of Dong Giang (in the western region of Quang Nam) is the ideal place to take photos with romantic and rustic concepts

With the wild beauty of the mountains, green tea hills and fresh tea buds, you will easily be able to take the most  wedding photos.

Bai Da – The wonderful pearl that nature favors for Da Nang

The spectacular scenery of rock, water, clouds, sky of Bai Da will bring couples many beautiful frames.

Pure water and thousands of waves are crashing to shore that will highlight the image of the couple in the charming natural space.

The pine forest along the city

The romantic space in the green pine forest and fresh atmosphere will be a nice wedding photography location for the young who love the rustic and natural beauty.

You can capture travel and picnic concepts, or embody into a fairy princess will be extremely suitable in the pine forest view.

Green Lake – A poetic view

Located on the way to Linh Ung Pagoda, the beautiful Green Lake (also known as Bai But Lake) is poetic with the green area surrounding the pure lake. You can admire yourself through the water here.

Green lake is a romantic scene with many beautiful angles such as sitting on the raft, dropping your feet under the water or lying on the green grass…

Sunny beaches

Da Nang – Hoi An is famous for its beautiful coastline, known as the sexiest beach on the planet. This is also a picturesque wedding location for couples.

Sweet wedding photo of Korean couple taken at Leaf Studio while traveling Hoi An – Da Nang

Hoi An Meadow – Beautiful and peaceful scenery

In addition to the beaches, Da Nang – Hoi An is also famous for beautiful poetic meadow.

With rustic grassy landscape, in addition to the usual shooting concept, couples can create new and lovely concepts such as nomadic or the young grandparent styles.

Hoi An ancient town

If you love Hoi An ancient town, dreamy doorway, Bougainvillea frame leaning on the corner of the street or simply love the poetic picture frame, you can not ignore Hoi An Ancient Town.

The romantic picture on the day together

These colorful of love at Hoi An ancient town will be a great highlight in your wedding photo album.

A small suggestion: In addition to the classic wedding dress style, or gentle with Ao Dai; sometimes you can try Boho Chic style to have more beautiful and impressive frames.

The poetic scenery on the Hoi An River

Hoi An is the most beautiful at night, you cannot ignore a charming scenery that is the lanterns carrying the desire on the poetic river.

On the rustic boat in the charming scenery of the river, you will have the most attractive pictures and sweetest moments.

Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An – A new place for wedding photos

A little-known wedding photography spot in Hoi An is Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An.

Compared to the charming Europe of Hoi An, Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An is gorgeous with thousands of untapped views.

From France road, Cine New York to Disney fairy castles; all locations are beautifully shimmering, suitable for couples to choose as a place for wedding photography.

Korean style studio

Gone are the days when you wanted to have a beautiful wedding photo album, you had to go to the countryside, find a place to take photos and take clothes, tools … Now you just need to choose a photo studio like and you will have lots of beautiful moments in every moment. This way is good for busy couples and anyone love the simplicity.

Leaf Studio is the beautiful photography studio in Hoi An with sophisticated space of Korean style.

Collection of wedding dresses is designed to be sophisticated form at Leaf Studio

HoiAn Leaf Studio – 07 Cao Thắng, Hội An

Coming to Leaf Studio, you will be able to choose different shooting concepts from classic to romance such as dreamy, alternative, unique. Leaf Studio photographer won’t let you down.

Leave a message or call to get more advice about beautiful wedding photography locations in Da Nang – Hoi An!

HOIAN LEAF STUDIO – Studio in Hoi An, Da Nang  

  • Address: 07 Cao Thang Street, Hoi An
  • Hotline: 0767.052.915
  • Kakaotalk: dahophoto

Hoi An Leaf Studio – A beautiful Studio in Hoi An

A nice Korean style studio in the heart of Hoi An, Leaf Studio is the favorite photographer team in Hoi An because of their romantic, creative and professional shooting style.

1. Nice Studio in Hoi An

Unlike any studio you have ever experienced, Leaf Studio is a peaceful and gently space with beautiful door frames and little nice corners of Korean style.

The wedding photo is adorned with the pristine white background and lush plant at Leaf Studio

With a simple layout and neutral background, Leaf Studio contains a variety of beautiful angles for you to unleash your pose. The sofa is spacious so you can capture subtle shots; the simple window frames with small windows fully welcome sunlight. 

Opening the wide door, you will come to a small green corner with lush trees waiting for visitors to take more pictures.

In addition to wedding photography, Leaf Studio also take many lovely photo albums for children

However, what people remember about Leaf Studio is the staffs: enthusiastic, professional and poetic, so that’s why the pictures taken are so stunning.

2. Quality photography service at Leaf Studio

Nowadays, photography studios are not just for wedding photos, but also for capturing family memories, art photography, couples, etc.

Leaf Studio is favoured by many Korean tourists

With that demand, HoiAn Leaf Studio offers a variety of shooting service packages to suit all needs and budgets of customers.

  • Film recording – Wedding photography in Hoi An, Da Nang
  • Couple & family photography
  • Beauty & artwork photography

Come to Leaf Studio, you will be consulted enthusiastically by professional, creative and enthusiastic staffs. Leaf Studio wedding photography will help couples save the romantic moments of the important day.

Becoming a muse with exquisite collection of wedding dresses at Leaf Studio

In addition, with the collection of exquisite wedding dresses, Leaf Studio will help the bride to create an elegant shape which fitting her body. Besides, Leaf team will make the bride confident and beautiful on her G-day.

3. Leaf Studio – Professional photography studio in Hoi An

Not only loved by couples, Leaf Studio is also very popular with tourists when visiting Hoi An because of its professional and creative shooting style. Visitors can choose Leaf Studio to save memorable moments such couple, Korean & European style.

The young Korean is gorgeous in frames
Sweet moment

With an experienced consultant crew, Leaf Studio will advise you all the tips to having a beautiful wedding photo, from shooting plan, location to outfit. You can feel satisfied when choosing Leaf Studio. You only need to pick up the phone to call 076.705.2915 or leave a message and everything is already available with Leaf Studio.

HOIAN LEAF STUDIO – Studio in Hoi An, Da Nang  

  • Address: 07 Cao Thang Street, Hoi An
  • Hotline: 0767.052.915
  • Kakaotalk: dahophoto