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Recommend the beautiful wedding – couple – family studio in Da Nang – Hoi An

To own a natural wedding set, capture the best moments, you need to find a professional and dedicated studio. And Leaf Studio in Hoi An is one of the best suggestions, famous for quality wedding photography service in Da Nang – Hoi An with a professional shooting team and a variety of service packages.

1. Make a good memory in life with Leaf Studio
A beautiful studio in the heart of Hoi An ancient town, Leaf Studio is designed and decorated by talented hands with beautiful, delicate and peaceful scenery. Moreover, Leaf Studio has a modern blend and young style of the beautiful Korea.

The large, white door frames make Leaf Studio more delicate and pristine

Leaf Studio is loved at first sight with neutral colors and lots of beautiful wedding photography angles. In addition, with a spacious sofa, lush garden, romantic curtains,… the beautiful studio in Hoi An can also be a suitable place to create albums of family, friends, etc.

No matter what age you are, you can find dreamy shooting angles at Leaf Studio

2. Wedding photography service
Understanding the busy work before the wedding, Leaf Studio will be a close companion with the bride and groom to create the most beautiful and emotional images

A team of dedicated photographers, follow the couples and capture the most idyllic moments

Leaf Studio owns a team of professional photographers, cameramen, dedicated stylists with the bride and groom capturing the best photos in diverse locations and styles.

3. Couple & friends photography service

In addition to the wedding photography service package in Da Nang – Hoi An, Leaf Studio also creates young, dynamic and lovely photo albums for couples or friends.

The Korean couple had brilliant photo shoots through the lenses of Hoi An Leaf Studio

With the couple photography service package, you can freely choose your favorite place. Some famous and beautiful destinations such as Hoi An ancient town, Da Nang coastal city, the way to the first sight of Ba Na Hills, Suoi Hoa ecotourism area, Asia-amusement park – Asia Park, Cu Lao Cham, …

Beautiful pictures of couples in Hoi An

Whether it’s art style, young or nostalgic, … Leaf Studio is always ready to listen to your wishes and make the most perfect pictures.

4. Family photography service

Not only couples, young people love, Leaf Studio is also chosen by many families to make a full set of photos of the members. The counseling team will help your family choose the most appropriate location and style.

Really cute moments of small family

Whether at the studio, at home or famous destinations, Leaf Studio can make shimmering photos, capturing the true feelings of the members. Families can choose to take photos at the studio in a polite style, at home in the classic style or at travel destinations in young style.

Every moment in life will become more vivid and memorable if recorded by images. Understanding that, Leaf Studio – studio in Hoi An always works with professionalism, dedication to bring the most complete albums. Leaf Studio is ready to serve wedding photography packages, couple, friends, family, … with many attractive incentives.

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HOIAN LEAF STUDIO – Studio in Hoi An, Da Nang

▪ Address: 07 Cao Thang, Hoi An

▪ Phone: 0767.052.915

▪ Kakaotalk: dahophoto

Hoi An Leaf Studio – A beautiful Studio in Hoi An

A nice Korean style studio in the heart of Hoi An, Leaf Studio is the favorite photographer team in Hoi An because of their romantic, creative and professional shooting style.

1. Nice Studio in Hoi An

Unlike any studio you have ever experienced, Leaf Studio is a peaceful and gently space with beautiful door frames and little nice corners of Korean style.

The wedding photo is adorned with the pristine white background and lush plant at Leaf Studio

With a simple layout and neutral background, Leaf Studio contains a variety of beautiful angles for you to unleash your pose. The sofa is spacious so you can capture subtle shots; the simple window frames with small windows fully welcome sunlight. 

Opening the wide door, you will come to a small green corner with lush trees waiting for visitors to take more pictures.

In addition to wedding photography, Leaf Studio also take many lovely photo albums for children

However, what people remember about Leaf Studio is the staffs: enthusiastic, professional and poetic, so that’s why the pictures taken are so stunning.

2. Quality photography service at Leaf Studio

Nowadays, photography studios are not just for wedding photos, but also for capturing family memories, art photography, couples, etc.

Leaf Studio is favoured by many Korean tourists

With that demand, HoiAn Leaf Studio offers a variety of shooting service packages to suit all needs and budgets of customers.

  • Film recording – Wedding photography in Hoi An, Da Nang
  • Couple & family photography
  • Beauty & artwork photography

Come to Leaf Studio, you will be consulted enthusiastically by professional, creative and enthusiastic staffs. Leaf Studio wedding photography will help couples save the romantic moments of the important day.

Becoming a muse with exquisite collection of wedding dresses at Leaf Studio

In addition, with the collection of exquisite wedding dresses, Leaf Studio will help the bride to create an elegant shape which fitting her body. Besides, Leaf team will make the bride confident and beautiful on her G-day.

3. Leaf Studio – Professional photography studio in Hoi An

Not only loved by couples, Leaf Studio is also very popular with tourists when visiting Hoi An because of its professional and creative shooting style. Visitors can choose Leaf Studio to save memorable moments such couple, Korean & European style.

The young Korean is gorgeous in frames
Sweet moment

With an experienced consultant crew, Leaf Studio will advise you all the tips to having a beautiful wedding photo, from shooting plan, location to outfit. You can feel satisfied when choosing Leaf Studio. You only need to pick up the phone to call 076.705.2915 or leave a message and everything is already available with Leaf Studio.

HOIAN LEAF STUDIO – Studio in Hoi An, Da Nang  

  • Address: 07 Cao Thang Street, Hoi An
  • Hotline: 0767.052.915
  • Kakaotalk: dahophoto