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Saving the most beautiful family moment with Leaf Studio

When you leave all the chaos of life behind, saving the best moment of family is really happy. Whether it’s a photo with whole members in your family, some art photos, or just some photos that capture the moment, all of them are meaningful memories that will always remain in beloved ones.

A happy family seized the  gorgeous moment together by  Leaf Studio

1. Taking photo for family reunion

The family is always a place for us to go back after trips. But how to have a good time with all of members in family and create a lovely album, which is what people tend to wonder about. Let Hoi An Leaf Studio brings the most meaningful album for your family.

Some suggestions about the best and most convenient location is at home or in the studio. These locations provide a comfortable, convenient and welcoming atmosphere for family members. Here, the whole family can make a series of photos according to the polite concept, it’s simple but still full of happiness.

If you are familiar with taking photos in Hoi An, you can try creating your own photo album at home

Taking family photos at a fixed location like at home or studio will help members take the time to prepare, makeup, change clothes or comfortably show their favorite style. Moreover, in addition to the available decorations of Leaf Studio, your family can freely pose with pets or with any favorite items.

Leaf Studio – a young and professional studio in Hoi An will help your family have the most meaningful time together

2. Taking photos for family travel

Combining lovely album and travel is reasonable idea, which is good idea and saving cost.  The beautiful scenery of the tourist destination will certainly be a new and shimmering background to take family photos.

Dalat is always the favorite place when taking photos of family

Traveling to a new place will inspire your family to take photos that are truly nice  and vibrant. Among poetic destinations like Da Lat, nostalgic like Hoi An, nature like Ly Son, … your family can have fun together to enjoy the beauty of a new destination and take beautiful pictures through specialized lenses of Leaf Studio.

Ly Son Island – Paradise in the middle of the sea

Among the dreamy beauty of Hoi An ancient town, the pristine and magnificent nature of Ly Son Island, who doesn’t want to stand in front of the camera and save the most memorable moments. The most special thing when taking photos of family travel is costumes,etc. Family members can freely choose the outfit that best suits the scene.

A chiffon skirt makes you beautiful and sweet in Hoi An ancient town

Leaf Studio will “tip” your family with perfect costumes, matching the scenery of the tourist destination. Trousers, shirts for men, long chiffon skirts or gentle floral details for girls, lovely outfits for babies, etc. will help the photo to be more complete. Moreover, the members can wear the same clothes to make the photo more special and fancy than ever.
3. Taking photos of parties, family events

More than anyone else, Leaf Studio understands that it is always necessary to save beautiful moments in sacred events in life. With a team of professional, meticulous photographers, together with a professional stylist, will capture every small moment, every true feeling in the party.

The true feelings are recorded through the lens of Leaf Studio

Important parties and events in your life always need a team of photographers, cameramen to record the fun, excitement or the most touching and unforgettable moments.

The Leaf Studio team is always ready to capture the beautiful moments of the family

The style of costumes at the party is always very formal, that will make your family photo perfect and full of emotion. 

Hopefully, with the family service packages at the Studio and outdoor shooting, your family can choose the most favorite location and style to keep valuable memories.

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